If you are having an issue with moles, please contact us to help you make the right choice for your property.

Lawn Problems


As the snow melts, we see tunnels that raise the lawn several inches. Now these tunnels are from moles, but you probably already knew that. Let us give you a couple facts about moles.

  • Most people feel they feed on grubs and they are right to believe so because they do, but grubs are more of an opportunistic meal rather than a main diet.
  • Just because you have moles, that does not mean you have grubs.
  • A moles main diet consists of earthworms. The more worms in your soil, the better your soil will be because worms will eat micro-nutrients and then excrete natural compost into your lawn.
  • Moles are small mammals and winter can be very harsh. They live slightly underground and when there is no snow (which we really did not get this year, 2015 until mid- January, it gets extremely cold. With no snow acting as an insulator the moles try to retreat towards heat. This brings them through our lawns and toward our rock walls and foundations.
  • In most cases, the moles are just passing through. They may have done damage that is out of your hands but usually the damage is minimal and takes very little to recover.

Prevention Tips

  • When moles are a consistent issue, the best method that we have been able to come across is bait that will poison the mole. If this is a method you decide to take, we may be able to refer you to a retailer that could provide this bait for you.
  • When using bait you need a minimum amount of knowledge about moles.
  • A couple of quick tips:
    • Moles will tunnel and then wait for worms to drop into the tunnel.
    • They will then either consume the worm or it will sedate it with its saliva and store it for future consumption.
    • When you look at the tunnels in your yard, you should see a straight tunnel with lots of squiggly strange paths coming off it. The straight tunnel is the main highway which is used frequently, while the other tunnels are rarely used regularly. You need to make sure to locate the straight highway tunnel, this will guarantee success.
  • Moles are difficult; they are underground and feed on a component that is very important to a healthy lawn.
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