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Wild Violets

Wild Violet is a perennial that grows well in shady, moist, fertile soil. It is very aggressive in growth and resistant to many herbicides.

  • Heart-shaped flowers.
  • Small flowers feature five blue-violet, lilac or white petals.
  • Grows from 15cm to 25cm in height.
  • Grows in bunches.

Interesting Facts

  • Wild violet leaves are high in vitamin A and C.
  • Violet tea has been known to help with coughs and bronchitis as well as an anti-inflammatory.
  • The Cherokee Indians would soak violet roots in water and then the same water was used to soak corn seeds prior to planting. This was said to repel insects from the corn. (Now that is an organic method)

Prevention Tips

Wild violets can be very invasive; truly the only way to control wild violets is to prevent them. It is sad because they are very attractive and make a great ground cover. Wild violets are very durable and require no maintenance as long as you are ok with them taking over. This is something that we see in our customers mulch beds all the time. The wild violets will eventually spread into the lawn and will quickly engulf large areas. Once they are out of control (which happens very fast) even chemical control will not be a cure all. Because of that specific fact, we need to make sure that every action we can take to prevent wild violets is taken.

  • Shady, thin lawns are a dream for wild violets. You rarely see wild violets thriving in an area that gets adequate sun.
  • It is very important to consistently aerate and over seed your lawn. Even if you do not have any wild violets on your property if you give them a place to invade they will.
  • In all our experiences, wild violets may be one of the hardest weeds to eradicate.
  • Having a healthy, full lawn is the best prevention.
  • Keep in mind if you have wild violets in your mulch beds, you will end up with them in your lawn.
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